We have full lifecycle capabilities to transform and assist you to run your business.

IT4A has full lifecycle capabilities to transform and assist you to run your business. This is covering all aspects of SAP and other IT solution around SAP foundation which can help our clients to maximise their IT investment with these skills.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology.

ERP provides an integrated and continuously updated view of core business processes using common databases maintained by a database management system. ERP systems track business resources—cash, raw materials, production capacity—and the status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders, and payroll.

The applications that make up the system share data across various departments (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, accounting, etc.) that provide the data.learn more
Human Capital Management
Human capital management (HCM) is the comprehensive set of practices for recruiting, managing, developing and optimizing the human resources of an organization.

Human capital management is crucial for business success as workforce trends and laws add more complexity to recruitment, retention, legislative compliance and employee management.learn more
Customer Relationship Management
Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to a strategy widely used by companies and organizations to record and manage their overall data and interactions with current, past and potential customers.

CRM works to ensure that all customer-interfacing organizational functions (i.e., sales, marketing, technical support) are efficient and synchronized, ensuring that former and potential customers are adequately and appropriately served.learn more
Financial Technology (FinTech)
FinTech, a combination of the words “financial” and “technology,” is a relatively new, and often nebulous term that applies to any emerging technology that helps consumers or financial institutions deliver financial services in newer, faster ways than was traditionally available.

Everything from a consumer’s ability to go online and see their financial transactions to apps that track spending is all part of the evolution of financial services. learn more
Data & Artificial Intelligence
As machines become increasingly capable, tasks considered to require “intelligence” are often removed from the definition of AI, a phenomenon known as the AI effect. A quip in Tesler’s Theorem says “AI is whatever hasn’t been done yet.” For instance, optical character recognition is frequently excluded from things considered to be AI, having become a routine technology.learn more