Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management (HCM) modernizes the traditional administrative duties of any business, including human resources, recruitment, training, and employee performance. HCM typically entrails IT technologies to make life easier and oversight simple when operating a company, business, or entrepreneurship

HCM Capabilities

Personnel Administration
  • Maintenance of employee master data e.g. DOB, monthly pay, etc.
  • Details of employee life cycle maintained here e.g. date of hire, promotion, suspension, etc.
Organizational Management
  • Maintenance of the organization structure
  • Key prerequisite for other components
Personnel Development
  • Performance of employee appraisal
  • Succession planning
  • Development plan maintenance
Payroll and Recruitment
  • Running of the employee payroll 
  • Management of the entire recruitment process from advertising of the position to hiring the employee
  • Plan renumeration policies effectively within a given budget
  • Maintenance update of salary survey results
Position Budgeting
and Control
  • Used to finance employees efficiently in accordance with budget or legal requirements
Time Management
  • Maintenance of employee absences and attendances
  • Recording of employee time in and out
  • Automation of the computation of time related payments and penalties
Training and Events Management
  • Maintenance of the calendar of training and events of the organization
  • Management of training offered to employees
  • Automatic update of training costs to Finance

Business Benefits of HCM​

See how HCM can help you become a best-run business and sharpen your competitive

Employee Experience

helps create a personalized, engaging experience by meeting employees' needs, facilitating their career without bias, while creating relevant experiences to increase their efficiency

Improved productivity and ROI

no need to worry about significant HR data as helping to keep it at a single place and help a businessman to focus on its core activities and neglect the other areas to the concerned department​

Clear Workforce​

Offers complete visibility and control to the management, enabling informed decisions through total workforce management, unifying data onto a single platform, and eliminating inconsistencies

Simplified and Standardized HR

HR processes are standardized with a simplified approach, comprehensive suite of applications that includes core HR , payroll, talent, and analytics

Amazing reporting capabilities

Powerful visualization tool allows decision makers to gain insight into their workforce and make informed or even predictive decisions, thereby improving productivity, revenue, and employee satisfaction​

HCM Solutions we Provide

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a world-leading provider of cloud human experience management (HXM) – the new people-focused term for HCM. Our HXM suite lets you provide employees with experiences that recognize their individual value and consistently motivate them to achieve peak performance levels.