Human Capital Management

What is HCM?

Human Capital Management(HCM) is an important module in SAP. It is also known as SAP Human Resource Management System (SAP HRMS) or SAP Human Resource (HR).HR software allows you to automate record-keeping processes. It is an ideal framework for the HR department to take advantage of the administration and payroll documents.

SAP Successfactors

SAP SuccessFactors HXM solutions includes tightly integrated talent management solutions, robust workforce analytics and planning, plus a next generation core HR solution. Available individually or packaged as a complete set.

Key Capabilities of HCM

Personnel Administration

It helps in automating all the basic tasks related to employee and personnel information management. Uses a centralized database for enabling employees and others in the management to access consistent, up-to-date, information to provide support to business-related decisions.

Organizational Management

Aids in disseminating and managing policy information and organizational structure. Provides position management for the creation of building blocks for talent and HR (Human Resource) management.

Global Employee Managemnet

SAP HCM supports the processes that are involved in global employee relocation – from the planning and prepping of global assignments to payroll and personnel administration alike.

Benefits Management

Supports diverse plan definitions. Tailors benefits and offers for individual employees.

Time and Attendance

By consolidating all of their customer data – including contact details, cross-channel interactions, service history, and social media activity – companies gain a 360-degree view of each customer, available in real time.

Payroll/Legal Reporting

Handles complex payroll processes. Supports legal regulations in most countries worldwide and ensures compliance with all regulatory needs for reporting purposes. Addresses considerations like multiple languages, national currency, collective agreements, reporting, and so forth.

Key Benefits of HCM

Talent Management

a cloud-based product that provides a complete, recruit-to-retire solution across all talent processes and describes what organizations do to ensure they have the right people to execute their business strategies.


one of the key components in SAP HR module which is used to process payroll of employees in an organization. Payroll can be integrated with Personnel administration, time management, wages and accounting.


a natural language interface to software application powered with Natural Language Understanding, Conversation Algorithm or Database information. Most B2C chatbots are using conversation algorithm, that can be easily built by using graphic chatbot builder services.

Workforce Management

a management system for working time of employees, planning of working shifts to manage flexibly working time of employees, providing accomplishment of functions.


Create workforce satisfaction with SAP Time and Attendance Management, which supports smart, efficient scheduling based on your company’s unique needs.